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Company Updates


Updates from Kory Anderson

The past few months have been some of the most dynamic months we have experienced.
Starting with our decision to consolidate our manufacturing operations to Webster, this
has been a huge project lead by our Manufacturing team. 


This decision was part of our Operation Manufacturing Excellence where we are driving to improve our performance and
customer experience. Our mission is to be the best there is in manufacturing the highest quality
products for our customers, at the best price, and on time and nothing will stand in our way of
achieving that. We have had to make some very tough decisions along the way, but these tough
decisions and the team acting on them will position us to better serve our customers and improve
our strength and performance as a company. We appreciate the service and commitment
of those who have been on our team in Mapleton and were not able to join us in the transition
to Webster. Fortunately, they have found other opportunities locally and we wish them the best
and most success for their future.


We are grateful for the enthusiasm and dedication of our strong team in Webster to take on
this challenge and do everything possible to make it a success. This includes our team at the
foundry who has joined in on the project and stepped up to support through the transition. I
am confident that this transition will strengthen us to perform at levels we have never achieved
before and position us far above any of our competition in this industry. I can’t express enough
my appreciation to our entire team who has supported this and for those who have stepped up
to do whatever it takes to make this successful. That is what will make us the best manufacturing
company in the industry, not because of our ideas, equipment, or locations… but because
we have the best team of people who live our values every day. A team of people who are
Innovative in coming up with new ideas and solutions, display a Warrior Spirit to do whatever
it takes to get the job done on time, and have the Servant Heart to be flexible to help in other areas
when they are needing support. We will be unbeatable because we have the best team of people in the industry
and I couldn’t be more proud of all of you!


Posted October 21, 2016