Manufacturing Services

Our manufacturing team at Anderson Industries takes pride in assembling quality products for you. We are dedicated to provide you with exceptional service.

We manage your project & take care everything.

Manufacturing and Welding at Anderson Industries

Streamlined Custom Manufacturing







Streamlined Custom Manufacturing

Experienced Engineers & Craftsmen

Machining at Anderson Industries

Our team has a broad range of experience in many industries

  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Energy - Wind | Oil & Gas | Fossil Fuels

Cutting Edge Technology

Engineering & CAD at Anderson Industries

Count on us to have you covered when it comes to utilizing technology to help your project become efficient, timely and accurate.

We utilize SAP production management software to meet your expedited requests.

Bring us your idea - even if you don't have a complete design at this point. Our team uses advanced CADD software to take an idea and make it into a product.

Complete Process Quality Control

Quality & Precise Manufacturing at Anderson Industries

We are proud of our complete process quality control. You can be assured that your end product will be built to specs.

Flexible Volume

Trailer Manufacturing Process

Our flexible team can meet your needs of low volume production and high volume production. We have a wide variety of specialty services so we can serve you the best with any project.

Complete Process Production Model

Laser, Plasma, Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Whatever shape you need, we can cut it.

Our plasma cutters are capable of cutting up to 2 inches of solid steel, while our lasers with automatic plate loading systems cut up to 3/4 inch. The automated process lets us cut several shapes out of a single sheet of steel with pinpoint accuracy and a high level of efficiency. Clean cuts and multiple shapes from a single sheet reduce labor and increase workflow productivity. For customers with extreme needs for cutting steel up to 11 inches thick, we can meet your demand with our Oxy-Fuel cutting system.

Robotic Welding

For high volume and integral weldments, we utilize our robotic welders.


Our welding team works with a wide variety of weldment configurations from small parts to large integrated structures. From the simplest to the most dynamic, our team sets the standard of welding excellence. Our welding capacities include steel, stainless and aluminum.


Our CNC lathes set up with automatic bar-feeders are capable of producing many specialized turned parts. Using this technology lets us produce at high speeds while maintaining extreme accuracy.

CNC Milling & Machining

Anderson Industries uses 3D machining and CNC milling for better control, tighter details and more efficient production. Our machining capabilities let us choose from an extensive amount of tooling options to manufacture a wide array of products. Equipment, efficiency and ease let us produce your designs in mass with a faster turnaround.

Press Brake

Anderson Industries utilizes CNC press brakes and a variety of tooling to meet needs of many customers.

Powder Coating

We give your product a resilient finish with our fully automated powder coating line.

Additional Manufacturing Services

We can meet many more of your needs such as:

  • Liquid coating
  • Zinc plating
  • Heat treating
  • Media blasting
  • Tube laser cutting
  • Water jet cutting
  • Fiber laser cutting
  • Large scale rolling
  • Square and round tube bending
  • Large sheet and plate bending