With the AccuGrab you can:

  • Gather small square bales in the field behind the baler with no attachments to the baler
  • Create a pack of 12 bales all in line together for optimal stacking and storage
  • Load the bales onto the truck/trailer and unload/stack them in the barn
  • Works with either Skid Loader or Tractor
AccuGrab bale mover

The AccuGrab features:

How it works in the field:

  • With the AccuGrab fixed to your loader, run through the field with the unit just a few inches off the ground
  • Push the hay bales forward allowing them to slide into the guiding channels
  • When you want to lift the bales just activate the single hydraulic grab mechanism and lift the entire unit with the bales
  • The AccuGrab is designed to pull the pack of bales together tighter as it grabs them, making more convenient handling and stacking
  • Carry the 12 pack of bales to your truck or trailer, simply lower down and release the pack together
  • Use the AccuGrab to unload the bale packs at the farm, carry and stack into the barn.

What you get:

  • 12 pack AccuGrab for 14” x 18” small squares length from 36” - 42”
  • AccuGrab creates a bale pack of 12 bales 6’ x 9’ with 36” long bales
  • Mount plate for either skid steer or your tractor loader
  • All covered by our standard 1 Year Warranty

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