Disc Leveler

If you had a tool to finish seeding 3-5 days early, would you use it?

The Anderson Industries Disc Leveler System is one simple enhancement to gain more acres per hour from your seeder!

Anderson Industries Disc Leveler System

The Anderson Disc Leveler features:

The Anderson Industries Disc Leveler System is equipped for speed. Designed specifically to work with any opener system, the Disc Leveler mounts directly behind the shank of your air drill and closes the furrow immediately after your seed is dropped. This means your soil is moved back into place before it's packed. There's no stepping, just higher speeds and increased productivity.


Increase speed of seeding by:

  • Controlling flow of soil back into the furrow
  • Control of soil flow at speeds above 4-5 mph
  • Not allowing soil flow to create a "steeping"effect

Excellent Seeding Quality with Increased Field Speed:

  • Controls soil flow and higher speeds to eliminate "stepping" effect
  • Soil flows evenly into seed rows, seed placed and remain and consistent depth
  • Soil flow directing into seed rows for maximum seed-to-soil contact at packing
  • Leaves level field finish
  • Increase productivity of your seeder without sacrificing seeding quality

Simple design, no adjusting:

  • Designed from years of experience in the field.
  • Angles pre-set for maximum performance
  • Designed for simple installation
  • Other adjustable levelers lead to wasted time and hours of tinker
  • Simple design - no adjustments are needed
  • Rugged, proven and durable design
  • Zero maintenance
  • No down pressure mechanisms
  • Easy installation

Use Disc Levelers on:

  • John Deere
  • Bourgault
  • Concord
  • Flexi Coil
  • NH / CIH
  • Morris
  • Any C-Shank or Edge On type drill

Disc Leveler Applications:

  • Shank type air drills with a 10", 12" or greater shank spacing
  • Shank type fertilizer and anhydrous applicators for better sealing of furrows


A smooth, even field isn't just about looking good. It's about protecting your investment. You work hard to keep the best soil on your field. The Disc Leveler System from Anderson Industries closes the furrow to make sure your soil is right where it needs to be - on top of your seed. This creates a more natural soil environment for your seed to emerge. The Disc Leveler System is essential for a proper, smooth field finish.


When combined with an opener, like the Anderson Industries Twin Row Openers, the Disc Leveler System keeps your seed tucked in tight to the soil. We call it sealing the envelope. A snug fit retains moisture and prevents fertilizer from evaporating. Combined with our opener system's fertilizing and reverse air drop functionality, the Disc Leveler completes the process and bundles each seed with the resources it needs to flourish.

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