Contour Road Groomer

After simply "pulling" of the shoulders into a windrow by a grader, this implement quickly breaks down larger chunks of soil and gravel. Most importantly, it mixes binder and rock back together while separating out weeds, roots, and grass much more completely and efficiently than the several passes required by traditional grading.

The Contour Road Groomer cuts blading time by 50%, with less passes by the grader.

Anderson Industries Contour Road Groomer

The Contour Road Groomer features:

  • Heavy duty harrows to distribute material
  • Rephase self leveling cylinders
  • Walking tandem wheels with radial tires to keep the machine on the road
  • Adjustable front hitch to compensate for ridge height
  • Adjustable torsion mounted discs for cutting up sod
  • Adjustable torsion mounted leveling sweeps distribute material and smooth roads

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Contour Road Groomer